About Us

Dhairya International is sesame seeds manufacturer, processors, exporters and supplier in India with most realistic and pioneering company.

Dhairya International are specifically determined on continuous renovating article of trade export business from being a price perceptive, cash influenced dealing function to knowledge based and customer focused enterprise.

By means of an intention to maintain and toughen our precise class customary, well-organized implementation of agreements and truthful market facts, we have developed into the most trustworthy dealing associates with our clientele across the globe.

Mission :

To implement the most modern systematic resources of foodstuff processing machinery with superior food protection so as to make sure harvest uppermost quality values and viable prices worldwide to gratify the buyer.

"Acquaintance is supremacy. Practical and Visionary consciousness carries accomplishment".

Dhairya International is devoted to attaining entire eminence, outstanding consumer service and nonstop development in every facet of our endeavor for domestic and international market.

Vision :

To take in, perform and continue the class of yield at the zenith of its transparency, novelty, and pollution free sets at all diagnostic factors of its paramount feature. To be a prime company, one that turns out to be a significant for other corporations.

Achievements :

Dhairya International has rapidly industrialized as a market leader. Depending on our intelligent business know-how and ultramodern attempt, we have discovered new opportunities of expansion and resourcefully provided to our clients’ necessities. We are also maintained by our alleged merchants who are set with highly developed and mechanized equipments that absolutely eliminate the human being mistakes and the progressing is completed below the mainly germ-free environment.

Top confidential after outstanding achievement - Our powerful loyalty in the direction of distinction and entire client fulfillment has permitted us to accomplish go beyond situation in the sell.